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PEN'SION, noun [Latin pensio, form pendo, pensum, to pay.]

1. An annual allowance of a sum of money to a person by government in consideration of past services, civil or military. Men often receive pensions for eminent services on retiring from office. But in particular, officers, soldiers and seamen receive pensions when they are disabled for further services.

2. An annual payment by an individual to an old or disabled servant.

3. In Great Britain, an annual allowance made by government to indigent widows of officers killed or dying in public service.

4. Payment of money; rent.

5. A yearly payment in the inns of court.

6. A certain sum of money paid to a clergyman in lieu of tithes.

7. An allowance or annual payment, considered in the light of a bribe.

PEN'SION, verb transitive To grant a pension to; to grant an annual allowance from the public treasury to a person for past services, or on account of disability incurred in public service, or of old age.