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PERSPEC'TIVE, adjective [infra.] Pertaining to the science of optics; optical.

1. Pertaining to the art of perspective

PERSPEC'TIVE, noun [Latin perspicio; per and specio, to see.]

1. A glass through which objects are viewed.

2. The art of drawing on a plane surface true resemblances or pictures of objects, as the objects appear to the eye from any distance and situation, real and imaginary; as the rules of perspective

3. A representation of objects in perspective

4. View; vista; as perspectives of pleasant shades.

5. A kind of painting, often seen in gardens and at the end of a gallery, designed expressly to deceive the sight by representing the continuation of an alley, a building, a landscape or the like.

Aerial perspective the art of giving due diminution to the strength of light, shade and colors of objects, according to their distances and the quantity of light falling on them, and to the medium through which they are seen.