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PIKE, noun [This word belongs to a numerous family of words expressing something pointed, or a sharp point, or as verbs, to dart, to thrust, to prick.]

1. A military weapon consisting of a long wooden shaft or staff, with a flat steel head pointed; called the spear. This weapon was formerly used by infantry, but its use is now limited to officers, and it is called a sponton or spontoon. Its use among soldiers is superseded by the bayonet.

2. A fork used in husbandry; but we now use fork or pitchfork.

3. Among turners, the iron sprigs used to fasten any thing to be turned.

4. In ichthyology, a fish of the genus Esox, so named from its long shape or from the form of its snout. It is a fresh water fish, living in deep water and very voracious, but very palatable food.

The pike the tyrant of the flood.

PIK'ED, adjective Ending in a point; acuminated.