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PUFF, noun

1. A sudden and single emission of breath from the mouth; a quick forcible blast; a whiff.

2. A sudden and short blast of wind.

3. A fungous ball filled with dust.

4. Any thing light and porous, or something swelled and light; as puff-paste.

5. A substance of loose texture, used to sprinkle powder on the hair.

6. A tumid or exaggerated statement or commendation.

PUFF, verb intransitive

1. To drive air from the mouth in a single and quick blast.

2. To swell the cheeks with air.

3. To blow as an expression of scorn or contempt.

It is really to defy heaven, to puff at damnation.

4. To breathe with vehemence, as after violent exertion.

The ass comes back again, puffing and blowing from the chase.

5. To do or move with hurry, agitation and a tumid, bustling appearance.

Then came brave glory puffing by.

6. To swell with air; to dilate or inflate.

PUFF, verb transitive To drive with a blast of wind or air; as, the north wind puffs away the clouds.

1. To swell; to inflate; to dilate with air; as a bladder puffed with air.

The sea puffed up with winds.

2. To swell; to inflate; to blow up; as puffed up with pride, vanity or conceit; to puff up with praise or flattery.

3. To drive with a blast in scorn or contempt.

I puff the prostitute away.

4. To praise with exaggeration; as to puff a pamphlet.