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PUR'PLE, adjective [Latin purpureus; purpura, a shell from which the color was obtained.]

1. Designating a color composed of red and blue blended, much admired, and formerly the roman emperors wore robes of this color.

2. In poetry, red or livid; dyed with blood.

I view a field of blood,

And Tyber rolling with a purple flood.

PUR'PLE, noun A purple color or dress; hence, imperial government in the Roman empire, as a purple robe was the distinguishing dress of the emperors.

1. A cardinalate.

PUR'PLE, verb transitive [Latin purpuro.] To make purple or to dye of a red color; as hands purpled with blood.

When morn

Purples the east.

Reclining soft in blissful bowers,

Purpled sweet with springing flowers.