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RAM, noun [See the Verb.]

1. The male of the sheep or ovine genus; in some parts of England called a tup. In the United States, the word is applied, I believe, to no other male, except in the compound ram-cat.

2. In astronomy, Aries, the sign of the zodiac which the sun enters on the 21st of March, or a constellation of fixed stars in the figure of a ram It is considered the first of the twelve signs.

3. An engine of war, used formerly for battering and demolishing the walls of cities; called a battering-ram. [See Battering-ram.]

RAM, verb transitive [Latin ramus, a branch that is a shoot or thrust. Heb. See Cram.]

1. To thrust or drive with violence; to force in; to drive down or together; as, to ram down a cartridge; to ram piles into the earth.

2. To drive, as with a battering ram

3. To stuff; to cram.