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RAPE, noun [Latin rapio, raptus. See Rap.]

1. In a general sense, a seizing by violence; also, a seizing and carrying away by force, as females.

2. In law, the carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will.

3. Privation; the act of seizing or taking away.

And ruin'd orphans of thy rapes complain.

4. something taken or seized and carried away.

Where now are all my hopes? oh, never more shall they revive, nor death her rapes restore.

5. Fruit plucked from the cluster.

6. A division of a county in Sussex, in England; or an intermediate division between a hundred and a shire, and containing three or four hundreds.

RAPE, noun [Latin rapa, Gr.]

A plant of the genus Brassica, called also cole-rape and cole-seed, and of which the navew or French turnip is a variety.

The broom-rape is of the genus Orobanche.