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RECEP'TION, noun [Latin receptio.]

1. The act of receiving; in a general sense; as the reception of food into the stomach, or of air into the lungs.

2. The state of being received.

3. Admission of any thing sent or communicated; as the reception of a letter; the reception of sensation or ideas.

4. Readmission.

All hope is lost of my reception into grace.

5. Admission of entrance for holding or containing; as a sheath fitted for the reception of a sword; a channel for the reception of water.

6. A receiving or manner of receiving for entertainment; entertainment. The guests were well pleased with their reception Nothing displeases more than a cold reception

7. A receiving officially; as the reception of an envoy by a foreign court.

8. Opinion generally admitted.

Philosophers who have quitted the popular doctrines of their countries, have fallen into as extravagant opinions, as even common reception countenanced. [Not in use.]

9. Recovery. [Not in use.]