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1. Exhibiting a similitude.

They own the legal sacrifices, though representative to be proper and real.

2. Bearing the character or power of another; as a council representative of the people.


1. One that exhibits the likeness of another.

A statue of Rumor, whispering an idiot in the ear, who was the representative of credulity.

2. In legislative or other business, an agent, deputy or substitute who supplies the place of another or others, being invested with his or their authority. An attorney is the representative of his client or employer. A member of the house of commons is the representative of his constituents and of the nation. In matters concerning his constituents only, he is supposed to be bound by their instructions, but in the enacting of laws for the nation, he is supposed not to be bound by their instructions, as he acts for the whole nation.

3. In law, one that stands in the place of another as heir, or in the right of succeeding to an estate of inheritance, or to a crown.

4. That by which any thing is exhibited or shown.

This doctrine supposes the perfections of God to be the representatives to us of whatever we perceive in the creatures.