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1. Opulence; wealth.

2. Finery; splendor.

3. Fertility; fecundity; fruitfulness; the qualities which render productive; as the richness of a oil.

4. Fullness; abundance; as the richness of a treasury.

5. Quality of abounding with something valuable; as the richness of a mine or an ore; the richness of milk or of cane-juice.

6. Abundance of any ingredient or quality; as the richness of spices or of fragrance.

7. Abundance of beautiful scenery; as the richness of a landscape or prospect.

8. Abundance of nutritious qualities; as the richness of diet.

9. Abundance of high seasoning; as the richness of cake.

10. Strength; vividness; or whatever constitutes perfection; as the richness of color or coloring.

11. Abundance of imagery or of striking ideas; as richness of description.

RICK, noun [Eng. ridge.]

A heap or pile of grain or hay in the field or open air, but sheltered with a kind of roof. In America, we usually give this name to a long pile; the round and conical pile being called stack. In the north of England, it is said this name is given to small piles of corn in the field.