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ROUGH, adjective [Latin raucus. Eng. rye, that is rough Latin ruga, a wrinkle. Gr. to snore. Latin ruga, a wrinkle, a ridge. See Ridge. The primary sense is to stretch or strain; but applied to roughness or wrinkling, it is to draw or contract, a straining together.]

1. Having inequalities, small ridges or points on the surface; not smooth or plane; as a rough board, a rough stone; rough cloth.

2. Stony; abounding with stones and stumps; as rough land; or simply with stones; as a rough road.

3. Not wrought or polished; as a rough diamond.

4. Thrown into huge waves; violently agitated; as a rough sea.

5. Tempestuous; stormy; boisterous; as rough weather.

6. Austere to the taste; harsh; as rough wine.

7. Harsh to the ear; grating; jarring; unharmonious; as rough sounds; rough numbers.

8. Rugged of temper; severe; austere; rude; not mild or courteous.

A fiend, a fury, pitiless and rough

9. Coarse in manners; rude.

A surly boatman, rough as seas and wind.

10. Harsh; violent; not easy; as a rough remedy.

11. Hard featured; not delicate; as a rough visage.

12. Harsh; severe; uncivil; as rough usage.

13. Terrible; dreadful.

On the rough edge of battle, ere it join'd, Satan advanc'd.

14. Rugged; disordered in appearance; coarse.

ROUGH from the tossing surge Ulysses moves.

15. Hairy; shaggy; covered with hairs, bristles and the like.