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ROY'AL, adjective [Latin regalis, from rex, king. See Reck and Right.]

1. Kingly; pertaining to a king; regal; as royal power or prerogative; a royal garden; royal domains; the royal family.

2. Becoming a king; magnificent; as royal state.

3. Noble; illustrious.

How doth that royal merchant, good Antonio?

ROY'AL, noun

1. A large kind of paper. It is used as a noun or an adjective.

2. Among seamen, a small sail spread immediately above the top-gallant-sail; sometimes termed the top-gallant-royal.

3. One of the shoots of a stag's head.

4. In artillery, a small mortar.

5. In England, one of the soldiers of the first regiment of foot, called the royals, and supposed to be the oldest regular corps in Europe.