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SAFE, adjective [Latin salvus, from salus, safety, health.]

1. Free from danger of any kind; as safe from enemies; safe from disease; safe from storms; safe from the malice of foes.

2. Free from hurt, injury or damage; as, to walk safe over red hot plowshares. We brought the goods safe to land.

3. Conferring safety; securing from harm; as a safe guide; a safe harbor; a safe bridge.

4. Not exposing to danger. Philippians 3:1.

5. No longer dangerous; placed beyond the power of doing harm; a ludicrous meaning.

Banquo's safe - Aye, my good lord, safe in a ditch.

SAFE, noun A place of safety; a place for securing provisions from noxious animals.

SAFE, verb transitive To render safe [Not in use.]