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SAGE, noun A plant of the genius Salvia, of several species; as the officinalis, or common large sage of several varieties; the tomentosa or balsamic sage; the auriculata, or sage of virtue; and the pomifera.

SAGE, adjective [Latin saga, sagus, sagio. See sagacious.]

1. Wise; having nice discernment and powers of judging; prudent; grave; as a sage counselor.

2. Wise; judicious; proceeding from wisdom; well judged; well adapted to the purpose; as sage counsels.

SAGE, noun A wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; particularly, a man venerable for years, and known as a man of sound judgment and prudence; a grave philosopher.

At his birth a star proclaims him come, and guides the eastern sages.

Groves where immortal sages taught.