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SA'LIENT, adjective [Latin saliens, salio, to leap.]

1. Leaping; an epithet in heraldry applied to a lion or other beast, represented in a leaping posture, with his right foot in the dexter point, and his hinder left foot in the sinister base of the escutcheon, by which it is distinguished from rampant.

2. In fortification, projecting; as a salient angle. A salient angle points outward, and is opposed to a re-entering angle, which points inward.

SA'LIENT, adjective [Latin saliens, from salio, to leap or shoot out.]

1. Leaping; moving by leaps; as frogs.

2. Beating; throbbing; as the heart.

3. Shooting out or up; springing; darting; as a salient sprout.