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SHEET, noun [Latin schenda; Gr. The Greek and Latin words signify a table or plate for writing on; Latin scindo, Gr.]

1. A broad piece of cloth used as part of bed-furniture.

2. A broad piece of paper as it comes from the manufacturer. Sheets of paper are of different sizes, as royal, demi, foolscap, pot and post-paper.

3. A piece of paper printed, folede and bound, or formed in to a book in blank, and making four, eight, sixteen or twenty-four pages, etc.

4. Any thing expanded; as a sheet of water or of fire; a sheet of copper, lead or iron.

5. Sheets, plural a book or pamphlet. The following sheets contains a full answer to my opponent.

6. A sail.

SHEET, noun In nautical language, a rope fastened to one or both the lower corners of a sail to extend and retain it in a particular situation. When a ship sails with a side-wind, the lower corners of the main and fore-sails are fastened with a tackand a sheet.

SHEET, verb transitive

1. To furnish with sheets. [Little Used.]

2. To fold in a sheet [Little Used.]

3. To cover as with a sheet; to cover with something broad and thin.

When snow the pasture sheets. Shak.

To sheet home, is to haul home a sheet or extend the sail till the clew is close to the sheet-block.