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SKIRT, noun

1. The lower and loose part of a coat or other garment; the part below the waist; as the skirt of a coat or mantle. 1 Samuel 15:27.

2. The edge of any part of dress.

3. Border; edge; margin; extreme part; as the skirt of a forest; the skirt of a town.

4. A woman's garment like a petticoat.

5. The diaphragm or midriff in animals.

To spread the skirt over, in Scripture, to take under one's care and protection Ruth 3:9.

SKIRT, verb transitive To border; to form the border or edge; or to run along the edge; as a plain skirted by rows of trees; a circuit skirted round with wood.

SKIRT, verb intransitive To be on the border; to live near the extremity.

Savages--who skirt along our western frontiers.