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SLEE'PER, noun

1. A person that sleeps; also, a drone or lazy person.

2. That which lies dormant, as a law not executed. [Not in use.]

3. AN animal that lies dormant in winter, as the bear, the marmot, _ c.

4. In building, the oblique rafter that lies in a gutter,

5. In New England, a floor timber.

6. In ship-building, a thick piece of timber placed longitudinally in a ship's hold, opposite the several scarfs of the timbers, for strengthening the bows and stern-frame, particularly in the Greenland ships; or a piece of long compass-timber fayed and bolted diagonally upon the transoms.

7. In the glass trade, a large iron bar crossing the smaller ones, hindering the passage of coals, but leaving room for the ashes.

8. A platform.

9. A fish. [exocatus.]