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SPACE, noun [Latin spatium, space; spatior, to wander. This word is probably formed on the root of pateo.]

1. Room; extension. space in the abstract, is mere extension. Pure space is capable neither of resistance nor motion.

2. Any quantity of extension. In relation to bodies, space is the interval between any two or more object' as the space between two stars or two hills The quantity of space or extent between bodies, constitutes their distance form each other.

3. The distance or interval between lines; as in books. The space in music are named as well as the lines.

4. Quantity of time; also, the interval between two points of time. Nine times the space that measures day and God may defer his judgment for a time, and give a people a longer space for repentance.

5. A short time; a while. To stay your deadly strife a space [This sense is nearly obsolete.]

SPACE, verb intransitive To rove. [Not in use.]

SPACE, verb transitive Among printers, to make space or wider intervals between lines.