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SPUTTER, verb intransitive [Latin , to spit. It belongs to the root of spout and spit; of the latter it seems to be a diminutive.]

1. To spit, or to emit saliva from the mouth in small or scattered portions, as in rapid speaking.

2. To throw out moisture in small detached parts; as green wood sputtering in the flame.

3. To fly off in small particles with some crackling or noise.

When sparkling lamps their sputtering lights advance.

4. To utter words hastily and indistinctly; literally, to spout small; to speak so rapidly as to emit saliva.

They could neither of them speak their rage, and so they fell a sputtering at one another, like two roasting apples.

SPUTTER, verb transitive To throw out with haste and noise; to utter with indistinctness.

In the midst of caresses--to sputter out the basest accusations.

SPUTTER, noun Moist matter thrown out in small particles.