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STEER, noun A young male of the ox kind or common ox. It is rendered in Dutch, a bull; but in the United States, this name is generally given to a castrated male of the ox kind, from two to four years old.

With solemn pomp then sacrificd a steer

STEER, verb transitive [G., to hinder, restrain, repress, to curb, to steer to pilot, to aid, help, support. The verb si connected with or derived from steuer, a rudder, a helm, aid, help, subsidy, impost, tax, contribution.]

1. To direct; to govern; particularly, to direct and govern the course of a ship by the movements of the helm. Hence,

2. To direct; to guide; to show the way or course to.

That with a staff his feeble steps did steer

STEER, verb intransitive

1. To direct and govern a ship or other vessel in its course. Formerly seamen steered by the stars; they ow steer by the compass.

A ship--where the wind veers oft, as oft so steers and shifts her sail.

2. To be directed and governed; as, a ship steers with ease.

3. To conduct ones self; to take or pursue a course or way.

STEER, noun A rudder or helm. [Not in use.]