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STEW, verb transitive

1. To seethe or gently boil; to boil slowly in a moderate manner, or with a simmering heat; as, to stew meat; to stew applies; to stew prunes.

2. To boil in heat.

STEW, verb intransitive To be seethed in a slow gentle manner, or in heat and moisture.

STEW, noun

1. A hot house; a bagnio.

The Lydians were inhibited by Cyrus to use any armor, and give themselves to baths and stews.

2. A brothel; a house of prostitution; but generally or always used int he plural, stews.

3. A prostitute. [Not in use.]

4. [See Stow.] A store pond; a small pond where fish are kept for the table. [Not used.]

5. Meat stewed; as a stew of pigeons.

6. Confusion, as when the air is full of dust. [Not in use or local.]