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TAP, verb transitive To strike with something small, or to strike a very gentle blow; to touch gently; as, to tap one with the hand; to tap one on the shoulder with a cane.

TAP, verb intransitive To strike a gentle blow. He tapped at the door.

TAP, verb transitive

1. To pierce or broach a cask, and insert a tap

2. To open a cask and draw liquor.

3. To pierce for letting out a fluid; as, to tap a tumor; to tap a dropsical person.

4. To box, or bore into; as, to tap a maple tree to obtain the sap for making sugar.

TAP, noun A gentle blow; a slight blow with a small thing.

She gives her right hand woman a tap on the shoulder.

1. A spile or pipe for drawing liquor from a cask.