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TIGHT, adjective [Latin taceo; that is, close, closely compressed.]

1. Close; compact; not loose or open; having the joints so close that no fluid can enter or escape; not leaky; as a tight ship, or a tight cask.

2. Close; not admitting much air; as a tight room.

3. Sitting close to the body; as a tight coat or other garment.

4. Close; not having holes or crevices; not loose; applied to many vessels, etc.

5. Close; hard; as a tight bargain. [In common use in America.]

6. Close; parsimonious; saving; as a man tight in his dealings. [In common use in America.]

7. Closely dressed; not ragged.

I'll spin and card, and keep our children tight

8. Hardy; adroit.

[Note. This is the taugt or taught of seamen, applied to a rope stretched. The primary sense is strained.]