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TOAST, verb transitive [Latin tostus.]

1. To dry and scorch by the heat of a fire; as, to toast bread or cheese. [It is chiefly limited in its application to these two articles.]

2. To warm thoroughly; as, to toast the feet. [Not much used.]

3. To name when a health is drank; to drink to the health in honor of; as, to toast a lady. Addison writes 'to toast the health; ' a form of expression I believe not now used.

TOAST, noun Bread dried and scorched by the fire; or such bread dipped in melted butter, or in some liquor. Dry toast is bread scorched, or it is scorched bread with butter spread upon it. Soft toast is made by immersing toasted bread in melted butter, and called dipped toast

1. A female whose health is drank in honor or respect.

The wise man's passion, and the vain man's toast

2. He or that which is named in honor in drinking.