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TRAIL, verb transitive [Latin traho.]

1. To hunt by the track. [See the Norman, supra.]

2. To draw along the ground. trail your pikes.

And hung his head, and trail'd his legs along.

They shall not trail me through the streets

Like a wild beast.

That long behind he trails his pompous robe.

3. To lower; as, to trail arms.

4. In America, to tread down gras by walking through; to lay flat; as, to trail grass.

TRAIL, verb intransitive To be drawn out in length.

When his brother saw the red blood trail

TRAIL, noun Track followed by the hunter; scent left on the ground by the animal pursued.

How cheerfully on the false trail they cry.

1. Any thing drawn to length; as the trail of a meteor; a trail of smoke.

When lightning shoots in glitt'ring trails along.

2. Any thing drawn behind in long undulations; a train.

And drew behind a radiant trail of hair.

3. The entrails of a fowl; applied sometimes to those of sheep.

boards, in ship-building, a term for the craved work between the cheeks of the head, at the heel of the figure.