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TRASH, noun

1. Any waste or worthless matter.

Who steals my money, steals trash

2. Loppings of trees; bruised canes, etc. In the West Indies, the decayed leaves and stems of canes are called field-trash; the bruised or macerated rind of canes is called cane-trash; and both are called trash

3. Fruit or other matter improper for food, but eaten by children, etc. It is used particularly of unripe fruits.

4. A worthless person. [Not proper.]

5. A piece of leather or other thing fastened to a dog's neck to retard his speed.

TRASH, verb transitive To lop; to crop.

1. To strip of leaves; as, to trash ratoons.

2. To crush; to humble; as, to trash the Jews.

3. To clog; to encumber; to hinder.

TRASH, verb intransitive To follow with violence and trampling.