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TRAV'EL, verb intransitive [a different orthography and application of travail.]

1. To walk; to go or march on foot; as, to travel from London to Dover, or from New York to Philadelphia. So we say, a man ordinarily travels three miles an hour. [This is the proper sense of the word, which implies toil.]

2. To journey; to ride to a distant place in the same country; as, a man travels for his health; he is traveling to Virginia. A man traveled from London to Edinburgh in five days.

3. To go to a distant country, or to visit foreign states or kingdoms, either by sea or land. It is customary for men of rank and property to travel for improvement. Englishmen travel to France and Italy. Some men travel for pleasure or curiosity; others travel to extend their knowledge of natural history.

4. To pass; to go; to move. News travels with rapidity.

Time travels in divers paces with divers persons.

5. To labor. [See Travail.]

6. To move, walk or pass, as a beast, a horse, ox or camel. A horse travels fifty miles in a day; a camel; twenty.

TRAVEL, verb transitive To pass; to journey over; as, to travel the whole kingdom of England.

I travel this profound.

1. To force to journey.

The corporations--shall not be traveled forth from their franchises. [Not used.]

TRAVEL, noun

1. A passing on foot; a walking.

2. Journey; a passing or riding from place to place.

His travels ended at his country seat.

3. Travel or travels, a journeying to a distant country or countries. The gentle man has just returned from his travels.

4. The distance which a man rides in the performance of his official duties; or the fee paid for passing that distance; as the travel of the sheriff is twenty miles; or that of a representative is seventy miles. His travel is a dollar for every twenty miles.

5. Travels, in the plural, an account of occurrences and observations made during a journey; as a book of travels; the title of a book that relates occurrences in traveling; as travels in Italy.

6. Labor; toil; labor in childbirth. [See Travail.]