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TRIB'UTARY, adjective [from tribute.] Paying tribute to another, either from compulsion, as an acknowledgment of submission, or to secure protection, or for the purpose of purchasing peace. The republic of Ragusa is tributary to the grand seignor. Many of the powers of Europe are tributary to the Barbary states.

1. Subject; subordinate.

He, to grace his tributary gods--

2. Paid in tribute.

No flatt'ry tunes these tributary lays.

3. Yielding supplies of any thing. The Ohio has many large tributary streams; and is itself tributary to the Mississippi.

TRIB'UTARY, noun One that pays tribute or a stated sum to a conquering power, for the purpose of securing peace and protection, or as an acknowledgment of submission, or for the purchase of security. What a reproach to nations that they should be the tributaries of Algiers!