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TRUMP'ET, noun

1. A wind instrument of music, used chiefly in war and military exercises. It is very useful also at sea, in speaking with ships. There is a speaking trumpet and a hearing trumpet They both consist of long tubular bodies, nearly in the form of a parabolic conoid, with wide mouths.

The trumpet's loud clangor

Excites us to arms.

2. In the military style, a trumpeter.

He wisely desired that a trumpet might be first sent for a pass.

3. One who praises or propagates praise, or is the instrument or propagating it. A great politician was pleased to be the trumpet of his praises.

TRUMP'ET, verb transitive To publish by sound of trumpet; also, to proclaim; as, to trumpet good tidings.

They did nothing but publish and trumpet all the reproaches they could devise against the Irish.