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TUCK, noun

1. A long narrow sword.

2. A kind of net.

3. [from the verb following.] In a ship, the part where the ends of the bottom planks are collected under the stern.

4. A fold; a pull; a lugging. [See Tug.]

TUCK, verb transitive [In some parts of England, this verb signifies to full, as cloth.]

1. To thrust or press in or together; to fold under; to press into a narrower compass; as, to tuck up a bed; to tuck up a garment; to tuck in the skirt of anything.

2. To inclose by tucking close around; as, to tuck a child into a bed.

3. To full, as cloth. [Local.]

TUCK, verb intransitive To contract; to draw together. [Not in use.]