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TUG, verb transitive [Latin duco. See Tow, to draw.]

1. To pull or draw with great effort; to drag along with continued exertion; to haul along.

There sweat, there strain, tug the laborious oar.

2. To pull; to pluck.

--To ease the pain

His tugg'd ears suffer'd with a strain.

TUG, verb intransitive To pull with great effort; as, to tug at the oar; to tug against the stream.

1. To labor; to strive; to struggle.

They long wrestled and strenuously tugged for their liberty. [This is not elegant.]

TUG, noun A pull with the utmost effort.

At the tug he falls--

Vast ruins come along--

1. A sort of carriage, used in some parts of England for conveying bavins or faggots and other things.

2. In some parts of New England, the traces of a harness are called tugs.