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TWIN, noun

1. One of two young produced at a birth by an animal that ordinarily brings but one; used mostly in the plural, twins; applied to the young of beasts, as well as to human beings.

2. A sign of the zodiac; Gemini.

3. One very much resembling another.

TWIN, adjective Noting one of two born at a birth; as a twin brother or sister.

1. Very much resembling.

2. In botany, swelling out into two protuberances, as an anther or germ.

TWIN, verb intransitive To be born at the same birth.

1. To bring two at once.

2. To be paired; to be suited. [This verb is Little Used.]

TWIN, verb transitive To separate into two parts.

TWIN'-BORN, adjective [twin and born.] Born at the same birth.