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TWINGE, verb transitive twinj.

1. To affect with a sharp sudden pain; to torment with pinching or sharp pains.

The gnat twinged the lion till he made him tear himself, and so he mastered him.

2. To pinch; to tweak; to pull with a jerk; as, to twinge one by the ears and nose.

TWINGE, verb transitive twinj. to have a sudden, sharp, local pain, like a twitch; to suffer a keen spasmodic or shooting pain; as, the side twinges. [This is the sense in which this word is generally used within the limits of my acquaintance.

TWINGE, noun twinj. A sudden sharp pain; a darting local pain of momentary continuance; as a twinge in the arm or side.

1. A sharp rebuke of conscience.

2. A pinch; a tweak; as a twinge of the ear.