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U'NIFORM adjective [Latin uniformis; unus, one, and forma, form.]

1. Having always the same form or manner; not variable. Thus we say, the dress of the Asiatics is uniform or has been uniform from early ages. so we say, it is the uty of a christian to observe a uniform course of piety and religion.

2. Consistent with itself; not different; as, one's opinions on a particular subject have been uniform

3. Of the same form with others; consonant; agreeing with each other; conforming to one rule or mode.

How far churches are bound to be uniform in their ceremonies, is doubted.

4. Having the same degree or state; as uniform temperature.

Uniform motion. the motion of a body is uniform when it passes over equal spaces in equal times.

Uniform matter, is that which is all of the same kind and texture.

U'NIFORM, noun the particular dress of soldiers, by which one regiment or company is distinguished from another, or a soldier from another person. we say, the uniform of a company of militia, the uniform of the artillery or matross companies, the uniform of a regiment, etc. This dress is called a uniform because it is alike among all the soldiers.