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UPON', preposition

1. Resting or being on the top or surface; as being upon a hill, or upon a rock; upon a field; upon a table; upon a river; upon the altar; upon the roof. He has his coat upon his back; his hat is upon his head.

2. In a state of resting or dependence; as upon this condition; he will contract with you upon these terms. upon our repentance we hope to be forgiven.

3. Denoting resting, as a burden. Impose upon yourself this task.

4. In the direction or part of; as upon the right hand.

5. Relating to. They are now engaged upon the affairs of the bank.

6. In consideration of; as upon the whole matter.

7. Near to; as a village upon the Thames.

8. With, or having received. He came upon an hour's warning.

9. On the occasion of; engaged in for the execution of. He sent the officer upon a bold enterprise.

10. In; during the time of; as upon the seventh day; upon the first of January.

11. Noting security; as, to borrow money upon lands, or upon mortgage.

12. Noting approach or attack.

The Philistines be upon thee, Samson. Judges 16:3.

13. Noting exposure or incurring some danger or loss. You do this upon pain of death, or upon the penalties of the law.

14. At the time of; on occasion of. What was their conduct upon this event?

15. By inference from, or pursuing a certain supposition. upon his principles, we can have no stable government.

16. Engaged in. What is he upon?

17. Having a particular manner. The horse is now upon a hard trot.

18. Resting or standing, as on a condition. He is put upon his good behavior.

19. Noting means of subsistence or support. Cattle live upon grass.

20. Noting dependence for subsistence; as, paupers come upon the parish or town.

To take upon to assume.

To assume upon in law, to promise; to undertake.