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VI'OLENCE, noun [Latin violentia.]

1. Physical force; strength of action or motion; as the violence of a storm; the violence of a blow or of a conflict.

2. Moral force; vehemence. The critic attacked the work with violence

3. Outrage; unjust force; crimes of all kinds.

The earth was filled with violence Genesis 6:11.

4. Eagerness; vehemence.

You ask with violence

5. Injury; infringement. Offer no violence to the laws, or to the rules of civility.

6. Injury; hurt.

Do violence to no man. Luke 3:14.

7. Ravishment; rape.

To do violence to or on, to attack; to murder.

But, as it seems, did violence on herself.

To do violence to, to outrage; to force; to injure. He does violence to his own opinions.

VI'OLENCE, verb transitive To assault; to injure; also, to bring by violence [Little Used.]