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WHERE, adverb

1. At which place or places.

She visited the place where first she was so happy--

In all places where I record my name, I will come to thee and I will bless thee. Exodus 20:21.

2. At or in what place.

Adam, where art thou? Genesis 3:9.

3. At the place in which.

WHERE I though the remnant of my age should have been cherishd by her child-like duty.

4. Whither; to what place, or from what place. where are you going? where are you from? [These uses of where are common, and the first cannot be condemned as vulgar.]

Any where in any place. I sought the man, but could not find him any where

[Note. where seems to have been originally a noun, and was so used by Spenser. He shall find no where safe to him. In this sense, it is obsolete; yet it implies place, its original signification.]