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AFFO'RD, verb transitive [ad and the root of forth, further. The sense is to send forth. But I have not found this precise word in the exact sense of the English, in any other language.]

1. To yield or produce as fruit, profit, issues, or result. Thus, the earth affords grain; a well affords water; trade affords profit; distilled liquors afford spirit.

2. To yield, grant or confer; as, a good life affords consolation in old age.

3. To be able to grant or sell with profit or without loss; as, A can afford wine at a less price than B.

4. To be able to expend without injury to one's estate; as, a man can afford a sum yearly in charity; or be able to bear expenses, or the price of the thing purchased; as, one man can afford to buy a farm, which another cannot.

5. To be able without loss or with profit.

The merchant can afford to trade for smaller profits.