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AFFRONT', verb transitive [Latin frons, front, face.]

1. Literally, to meet or encounter face to face, in a good or bad sense; as,

The seditious affronted the king's forces

[The foregoing sense is obsolete.]

2. To offer abuse to the face; to insult, dare or brave openly; to offer abuse or insult in any manner, by words or actions; as, to affront one by giving him the lie.

3. To abuse, or give cause of offense to, without being present with the person; to make slightly angry; a popular use of the word.

AFFRONT', noun

1. Opposition to the face; open defiance; encounter. obsolete

2. Ill treatment; abuse; any thing reproachful or contemptuous, that excites or justifies resentment, as foul language, or personal abuse. It usually expresses a less degree of abuse than insult

3. Shame; disgrace. [Not used.]

4. In popular language, slight resentment; displeasure.