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BILD, verb transitive bild; preterit tense built; participle passive built, pronounced bilt. The regular preterit tense and participle passive builded, is sometimes used.

1. To frame, construct, and raise, as an edifice or fabric of almost any kind, as a house, barn, shop, ship or vessel, a wall, or other structure of art; to unite materials into a regular structure for use or convenience.

2. To raise by art; to frame or shape into a particular form; as, to build up a head dress in a cone.

3. To raise any thing on a support or foundation; as, to build our hopes on air.

4. In scripture, to increase and strengthen; to cement and knit together; to settle or establish and preserve. Acts 20:32. Ephesians 2:22. i Sam. 2.35.

BUILD, verb intransitive bild. To exercise the art, or practice the business of building.

To build to plant, whatever you intend.

1. To construct, rest or depend on as a foundation; as, to build on the opinions of others.