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COARSE, adjective

1. Thick; large or gross in bulk; comparatively of large diameter; as coarse thread or yarn; coarse hair; coarse sand. This seems to be the primary sense of the word; opposed to fine or slender. Hence,

2. Thick; rough; or made of coarse thread or yarn; as coarse cloth.

3. Not refined; not separated from grosser particles, or impurities; as coarse metal; coarse glass.

4. Rude; rough; unrefined; uncivil; as coarse manners.

5. Gross; not delicate.

The coarser tie of human law.

6. Rude; rough; unpolished; inelegant; applied to language.

7. Not nicely expert; not accomplished by art or education; as a coarse practitioner.

8. Mean; not nice; not refined or elegant; as a coarse perfume; a coarse diet.