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CONFI'DE, verb transitive [Latin , to trust. See Faith.] To trust; to rely on, with a persuasion of faithfulness or veracity in the person trusted or of the reality of a fact; to give credit to ; to believe in, with assurance; followed by in. The prince confides in his ministers. The minister confides in the strength and resources of the nation. we confide in the veracity of the sacred historians. We confide in the truth of a report.

CONFI'DE, verb transitive To entrust; to commit to the charge of, with a belief in the fidelity of the person entrusted; to deliver into possession of another, with assurance of safe keeping, or good management; followed by to. We confide a secret to a friend. The prince confides a negotiation to his envoy. The common interests of the United States are confided to the Congress.

They would take the property out of the hands of those to whom it was confided by the charter.

Congress may, under the constitution, confide to the circuit court, jurisdiction of all offenses against the United States.