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CONSTRUCTION, noun [Latin]

1. The act of building, or of devising and forming; fabrication.

2. The form of building; the manner of putting together the parts of a building, a machine, or a system; structure; conformation.

The sailing of a ship and its capacity depend chiefly on its construction

3. In grammar, syntax, or the arrangement and connection of words in a sentence, according to established usages, or the practice of good writers and speakers.

4. Sense; meaning; interpretation; explanation; or the manner of understanding the arrangement of words, or of understanding facts. Let us find the true construction; or let us give the authors words a sound, rational, consistent construction What construction can be put upon this affair, or upon the conduct of a man?

5. The manner of describing a figure or problem in geometry. The drawing of such lines, such figure, etc., as are previously necessary for making any demonstration appear more plain and undeniable.

6. In algebra, the construction of equations is the method of reducing a known equation into lines and figures, in order to a geometrical demonstration.