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E'ASY, adjective s as z. [See Ease.] Quiet; being at rest; free from pain, disturbance or annoyance. The patient has slept well and is easy

1. Free from anxiety, care, solicitude or peevishness; quiet; tranquil; as an easy mind.

2. Giving no pain or disturbance; as an easy posture; an easy carriage.

3. Not difficult; that gives or requires no great labor or exertion; that presents no great obstacles; as an easy task. It is often more easy to resolve, than to execute.

Knowledge is easy to him that understandeth. Proverbs 14:6.

4. Not causing labor or difficulty. An easy ascent or slope, is a slope rising with a small angle.

5. Smooth; not uneven; not rough or very hilly; that may be traveled with ease; as an easy road.

6. Gentle; moderate; not pressing; as a ship under easy sail.

7. Yielding with little or no resistance; complying; credulous.

With such deceits he gained their easy hearts.

8. Ready; not unwilling; as easy to forgive.

9. Contented; satisfied. Allow hired men wages that will make them easy

10. Giving ease; freeing from labor, care or the fatigue of business; furnishing abundance without toil; affluent; as easy circumstances; an easy fortune.

11. Not constrained; not stiff or formal; as easy manners; an easy address; easy movements in dancing.

12. Smooth; flowing; not harsh; as an easy style.

13. Not jolting; as, the horse has an easy gait.

14. Not heavy or burdensome.

My yoke is easy and my burden light. Matthew 11:30.