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EX'PEDITE, verb transitive [Latin expedio; Eng. speed. Expedio is compound. We see the same root in impedio, to hinder to send against, to move in opposition.]

1. To hasten; to quicken; to accelerate motion or progress. The general sent orders to expedite the march of the army. Artificial heat may expedite the growth of plants.

2. To dispatch; to send from.

Such charters are expedited of course.

3. To hasten by rendering easy.

EX'PEDITE, adjective [Latin expeditus.] Quick; speedy; expeditious; as expedite execution. [Not used.]

1. Easy; clear of impediments; unencumbered; as, to make a way plain and expedite [Unusual.]

2. Active; nimble; ready; prompt.

The more expedite will be the soul in its operations. [Unusual.]

3. Light-armed. [Not used.]