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GRAND, adjective [Latin grandis.]

1. Great; but mostly in a figurative sense; illustrious; high in power or dignity; as a grand lord.

2. Great; splendid; magnificent; as a grand design; a grand parade; a grand view or prospect.

3. Great; principal; chief; as Satan our grand foe.

4. Noble; sublime; lofty; conceived or expressed with great dignity; as a grand conception.

In general, we apply the epithet grand to that which is great and elevated, or which elevates and expands our ideas. The ocean, the sky, a lofty tower are grand objects. But to constitute a thing grand it seems necessary that it should be distinguished by some degree of beauty.

5. Old; more advanced; as in grandfather, grandmother, that is, old-father; and to correspond with this relation, we use grandson, granddaughter, grandchild.