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GR'ASP, verb transitive To seize and hold by clasping or embracing with the fingers or arms. We say, to grasp with the hand, or with the arms.

1. To catch; to seize; to lay hold of; to take possession of. Kings often grasp more than they can hold.

GR'ASP, verb intransitive To catch or seize; to gripe.

1. To struggle; to strive. [Not in use.]

2. To encroach.

To grasp at, to catch at; to try to seize.

Alexander grasped at universal empire.

GR'ASP, noun The gripe or seizure of the hand. This seems to be its proper sense; but it denotes also a seizure by embrace, or infolding in the arms.

1. Possession; hold.

2. Reach of the arms; and figuratively, the power of seizing. Bonaparte seemed to think he had the Russian empire within his grasp