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L'ARGE, a larj. [Latin largus; Gr. wide, copious, and perhaps with floor.]

1. Big; of great size; bulky; as a large body; a large horse or ox; a large mountain; a large tree; a large ship.

2. Wide; extensive; as a large field or plain; a large extent of territory.

3. Extensive or populous; containing many inhabitants; as a large city or town.

4. Abundant; plentiful; ample; as a large supply of provisions.

5. Copious; diffusive.

I might be very large on the importance and advantages of education.

6. In seamen's language, the wind is large when it crosses the line of a ship's course in a favorable direction, particularly on the beam or quarter.

7. Wide; consisting of much water; as a large river.

8. Liberal; of a great amount; as a large donation.

1. At large without restraint or confinement; as, to go at large; to be left at large

2. Diffusely; fully; in the full extent; as, to discourse on a subject at large

L'ARGE, noun Formerly, a musical note equal to four breves.