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NO'BLE, adjective

1. Great; elevated; dignified; being above every thing that can dishonor reputation; as a nobel mind; a noble courage; noble deeds of valor.

2. Exalted; elevated; sublime.

Statues, with winding ivy crown'd, belong to nobler poets for a nobler song.

3. Magnificent; stately; splendid; as a noble parade; a noble edifice.

4. Of an ancient and splendid family; as nobel by descent.

5. Distinguished from commoners by rank and title; as a noble personage.

6. Free; generous; liberal; as a noble heart.

7. Principal; capital; as the noble parts of the body.

8. Ingenuous; candid; of an excellent disposition; ready to receive truth. Acts 17:11.

9. Of the best kind; choice; excellent; as a noble vine. Jeremiah 2:21.

NO'BLE, noun

1. A person of rank above a commoner; a nobleman; a peer; as a duke, marquis, earl, viscount or baron.

2. In Scripture, a person of honorable family or distinguished by station. Exodus 24:11. Nehemiah 6:17.

3. Originally, a gold coin, but now a money of account, value 6s. 8d. sterling, or $1 48cts.